The art of Zari

Founded in 2019,  (AH STYLES) remains the oldest, yet full of gold in Cantonment Market Multan. Filled with Culture and Heritage, it provides the modern essence of the 21st Century aswell.

AH STYLES work is an intricate art of weaving threads made up of fine gold or silver. These threads are further woven into fabrics primarily made up of silk to create intricate patterns. AH STYLES thread is widely used for weaving, but more selectively in embroidery. The dull zari thread is called Kora; and the shinier one is called Chikna. The designs made in zari work are so precise and beautiful that apart from the monetary value of these threads, the overall fabric also gets rich and royal look. Traditionally zari thread was formed and it was used as an embellishment of the royal attire.

             AH STYLES is a corner, shop, mall and a community for its customers.

To go throw the logistics in its market, AH STYLES has own logistic company with new designs for e-commerce operations. AH STYLES is a university for the newly leading products in the market with an attractive style and A+ quality products. Our first and last priority is to maintain our level in market with our products and with the delivery time or refunding process and return time duration. Our priority to fulfill the demand of customers with our skills and our styles.

          AH STYLES works to make our name in market or to raise our standards in market.